Appalachian Regional Healthcare System is committed to creating exceptional patient experiences. We do this by putting the patient first and listening to their feedback. Recently, our patients informed us that it would be helpful to be able to more easily identify healthcare employees by their job responsibilities.

Therefore, as of April 15, 2015, employees who work in patient care areas will begin wearing color-coordinated apparel, specific to their job function within the healthcare system. For example, licensed nurses will wear solid navy blue or solid white uniforms and Nursing Assistants will wear turquoise.

Approximately 700 employees will begin wearing solid uniform colors so that patients and family members can easily identify them and their area of medical expertise. As always, Appalachian Regional Healthcare System appreciates the feedback from our patients and is excited about enhancing your patient experience.

Uniform Colors

Licensed Nurses Facilities
Cardiopulmonary Laboratory Pathology
Housekeeping Imaging
Rehabilitation Radiation Therapy
Nurses and Office Assistants Pharmacy
Admissions Physician Office Staff