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At Appalachian Regional Healthcare System, we recognize the need for expanded services among the women of the High Country. Therefore, we have proactively decided to grow, support, and embrace the work of midwifery and incorporate low risk obstetrics and gynecology into the primary care network of AppFamily Medicine and the Baker Center for Primary Care. In addition to more resources for outpatient care, we want to bolster our inpatient services with the introduction of OB/GYNs as hospital laborists. This means an OB/GYN will be always available in the hospital for care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These dedicated physicians will provide a number of services including: Providing care in times of emergency Supporting the care of high-risk pregnancy patients Surgical services for patients that have gynecologic emergencies Obstetric emergencies including operative deliveries These hospital-based OB/GYN physicians will help enhance patient safety and improve the coordination and efficiency of care. These additional resources will provide improved access with expanded availability, more clinic locations and a guarantee that an OB/GYN will always be in the hospital to provide immediate, comprehensive care—delivering an extra layer of safety. For prenatal care, all patients will have a choice to see midwives or family medicine physicians. OB/GYNs will be available for high risk prenatal care. We will continue to have practice clinicians and OB/GYNs to care for patients with gynecologic problems, including surgical treatment.

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