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In response to questions we’ve heard from community members, we asked our trusted ARHS providers to share information about the COVID-19 vaccine, side effects, efficacy, and more. Additional videos may be added. For more information about vaccines, visit

COVID-19 Vaccine and Women

Is there any evidence the COVID-19 vaccine affects fertility or pregnancy in women? Dr. Beverly Womack, a trusted gynecologist and obstetrician for more than 25 years shares her knowledge.

Getting vaccinated helps our community’s children

Is being vaccinated against COVID-19 safer than getting the disease? How does vaccination affect the children of our community? Hear from 40-year Avery County family physician (retired) Dr. Charlie Baker.

COVID-19 Vaccine and the Delta Variant

Sean Burroughs, ARHS Director of Pharmacy answers the question, “Is the COVID vaccine still effective against the Delta Variant?”

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