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Pre-Admission Checklist

❏ Check with your insurance carrier to learn if it is in- or out-of-network with us and if they have any exclusions, benefits, co-insurance, co-payment and deductibles outlined in your plan.

❏ Obtain your insurance card. If your visit should be billed to a third party, obtain their billing information.

❏ Check to see if you qualify for financial assistance.

❏ Prepare desired advance directives, such as living will and healthcare power of attorney.

❏ Be sure to bring the following documents with you, if applicable:

Insurance card and/or policy
Medicare or Medicaid card
Social Security numbers of the patient and the insured
Driver’s licenses and/or photo ID cards of the patient and the insured
Emergency contact information
A list of your current medications, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, vitamins and herbals
Physician’s orders, if you have any
Your advance directives (living will, power of attorney, etc.)

❏ Make arrangements for while you’re away. Arrange care for pets, make sure bills get paid, pick up mail and water plants.