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The birth of a baby is an important event for all members of a family. The visitation guidelines are developed to provide time for new parents to interact and bond with their newborn with as much privacy as they wish, to allow sufficient time for necessary nursing care, and to provide necessary access to the patient and newborn in an emergency. Please share these guidelines with family and friends who may wish to visit.

  • During labor, until the pushing stage, family and friends may visit at any time, with the approval of the patient. If a patient desires privacy and limited visitation, her requests will be respected and enforced.
  • During the pushing and delivery stages, up to three support people of the patient’s choice may remain in the room. Support people must be age 13 or older. Siblings may remain in the room with adult supervision. (The adult should be someone other than the patient’s primary support person.)
  • During the first hour after birth, only the father or significant other may visit. This is to allow time for new parents to take in and bond with their new baby. For the remainder of the recovery period, up to three support people may visit, as during labor and delivery.
  • Only one support person may be present in the operating room during a Cesarean Section. This is necessary to protect the sterile field and ensure that all necessary care providers will have room to work in an emergency.

Emergencies may arise at any time. For this reason, hallways must be kept clear to allow needed staff quick access to mothers and babies. Visitors may not wait in the hallway outside the patient’s room or the C-section room. They may wait in the waiting area near the elevators, or by the nursery windows. Staff members will be happy to convey information to visitors in the waiting area at the request of the patient.

  • During the period after recovery until discharge, family and friends may visit with the parent’s approval. Visitors must wash their hands thoroughly before touching the mother or baby.
  • Quiet Time: After delivery, the hours of 2-4pm are designated as a rest time for new parents. No visitors are permitted unless specifically requested by the new mother.
  • Newborn babies do not have a fully developed immune system, and may become quite sick from routine infections. For this reason, visits from children under 13 who are not siblings are discouraged. Anyone who has a cold or other possibly contagious illness or who has recently been exposed to a contagious illness should not visit.

Visitors may be asked to step out of the room at any time if doctors and nurses need to provide care to the patient, or if a medical emergency arises.