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The Seby B. Jones Regional Cancer Center offers FREE classes for cancer survivors currently undergoing treatment or post-treatment, as well as family and community members. We are thankful for our teachers who donate their time to serve! Each class is listed below. Pay close attention to the attendee qualifications when registering for classes. Seating is limited.

Support Groups

Join our cancer survivor support group on FacebookJoin our cancer caregiver support group on Facebook

Facilitated by Cancer Center staff, these support groups provides a safe and comfortable space for all patients, survivors and caregivers to meet regularly and share honestly about their cancer experience with others who “know what it’s like.”

Date and time for in-person groups to be determined based on interest. Located in Cancer Center Break Room

Contact us to express interest in the support group: 

Angie Del Nero, MSW
Click to email
(828) 262-9170

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