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Heart and Vascular Center

Heart and Vascular Center

Heart & Vascular Center

Heart and Vascular Center

A part of Watauga Medical Center

Our Office

Mon – Fri, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Inside Watauga Medical Center
336 Deerfield Road
Boone, NC 28607

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Phone: (828) 264-9664
Fax: (828) 264-8144

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The Cardiology Center is now the Heart and Vascular Center

Telehealth is now available. You may be able to visit with your healthcare provider from the safety of your own home! Call (828) 264-9664 to schedule an appointment. The Heart and Vascular Center of Watauga Medical Center (formerly named The Cardiology Center) is committed to providing you with diagnosis and treatment of heart and vascular disease close to home. High Country residents no longer have to leave the mountains for care from the nation’s top medical professionals. It is located inside Watauga Medical Center, allowing patients access to comprehensive intervention and diagnostic services. Our team is committed to promoting health in the High Country and simply making life better.

If you are experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath, or other life-threatening symptoms, call 911. If you are experiencing non-life-threatening cardiac symptoms, call (828) 264-9664 to schedule an appointment. *

Note: Heart and Vascular services are available at Grandfather Specialty Clinic (Linville, NC). Call (828) 264-9664 to schedule an appointment.

Patients may contact the Practice Manager at (828) 264-9664 with questions, concerns, complaints or compliments regarding The Heart and Vascular Center.

  • Afib Monitors
  • Arrhythmia Clinic
  • Cardiac Imaging
  • Cardiac Resynchronization
  • Cardiology Consultations
  • Cardiovascular Interventions
  • Defibrillators
  • Diagnostic Catheterizations
  • Echocardiograms
  • EKGs (electrocardiogram)
  • Exercise Treadmill Tests
  • Heart Monitors
  • Implantable Monitors
  • Nuclear Stress Tests
  • Pacemakers
  • Stents
  • Stress Echocardiograms
Dr. Denier is great….She’s an extremely good cardiologist. I highly recommend her. Also, her staff is wonderful. They actually call you back with test results, and they return phone calls. How many doctors’ offices do that today?
Brenda R.

As a former nurse, I am very selective about the physicians treating my family. Dr Hordes gained my respect by first walking into the room and extending his hand to shake with first my husband, the patient, and then myself. He gained my trust through his calm demeanor, pensive consideration of the issues, realistic treatment plan and attention to detail. I cannot recommend him highly enough and have the highest confidence in his ability.
Bunny E.

I saw Dr. Hanna for the first time today. I am VERY pleased. He asked a lot of questions, he listened, made notes and explained things. I feel very good about him going forward. After testing, HE called and explained my results. WOW, a doctor who can use the phone and talk to a patient!

Marchese Birthing Center

Marchese Birthing Center

JOhn Marchese Birthing Center

Our Location

336 Deerfield Road
Boone, NC 28607

Contact Us

Open 24 hours
(828) 262-4100

Patients & Visitors

Find information about your hospital stay or visiting a patient
Birthing Center Visitation Guidelines for COVID-19

The birth of a baby is an important event for all members of a family. The visitation guidelines are developed to provide time for new parents to interact and bond with their newborn with as much privacy as they wish, to allow sufficient time for necessary nursing care, and to provide necessary access to the patient and newborn in an emergency. Please share these guidelines with family and friends who may wish to visit.

To our Birthing Center Families,

The John Marchese Birthing Center would like assure families that we are maintaining the highest level of health and safety for our patients and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes are consistent with the CDC guidelines.

Listed are our current policies to reduce the risk of infection:

  • If you have symptoms or have been exposed to someone who is ill please notify the HARMONY office at 828-268-8970, and you will receive direction on the next steps.
  • Please notify the Birthing Center (828-262-4210) prior to arrival if you are coming in labor, and you will be asked screening questions regarding the coronavirus or other flu-like illness.
  • If you are at risk, or a person being tested, you will not be able to be accompanied by another person because that person then automatically becomes someone at risk.
  • Absolutely no one under the age of 18 is allowed in the Birthing Center.
  • All support persons will be screened when entering the facility.
  • Anyone in the testing process or who has symptoms will be asked to wear a mask at all times.
  • If you have adhered to the “Stay at Home” ruling and are symptom free, we will allow ONE symptom free support person during the hospital stay.
  • The support person must stay the entire hospital stay. If for some reason the support person has to leave the facility, they will not be granted entrance back into the hospital.
  • The support person will be provided free meals for the length of stay.
  • No postpartum visitor will be allowed into the Birthing Center except for the ONE support person. The support person cannot change and must remain the same person for the length of stay.
  • Patients may have to change rooms after their labor and delivery in order to accommodate isolation policies and safety needs of the patients.
  • Patients and their support person will not be able to leave the Birthing Center Unit until the time of discharge.
  • Please come prepared with childcare options for other children at home and bring the car seat so it will be here for infant discharge.

The Birthing Center staff is screened each day before entering the facility, and has practiced social distancing since February. We are doing everything possible to reduce the risk of asymptomatic spread. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have become strict to best protect our patients and families! We understand that transportation, childcare for other children, and animals may be issues, but please understand we need our providers, staff, babies, and other patients to have as little exposure as possible to illness. We understand that little is going as planned during this time! We strongly encourage social distancing and only going out when necessary!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work to adjust our policies to make the John Marchese Birthing Center a safe place for all during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Personalized care for mother and baby

The John R. Marchese, MD Birthing Center features nine birthing rooms. Two rooms have a tub that women may labor in, however they may not give birth in the tubs. Non-medical and medical pain management options are available. Our experienced, expert labor and delivery staff will be with you every step of the way to make your birthing experience a safe and healthy time for all.

Click here to learn more about your Birthing Center Experience >


Birthing Center Classes

Limited classes are being offered online due to COVID-19

The Birthing Center offers several classes so that expectant mothers can be as prepared as possible for the childbirth experience. Prepared Childbirth Class is a 6-week class, including what to expect during labor & delivery, the hospital experience, and pain control strategies for labor. The class also includes a tour of the Birthing Center at Watauga Medical Center. Breastfeeding Class is a free one-evening class providing all the information you need to get breastfeeding off to a good start for you and your baby. Prenatal Aquatics and Pre/Post Natal Fitness Classes are also offered at Paul H. Broyhill Wellness Center.

View descriptions and dates, and sign up for classes >

Our Services


Cesarean Section

Newborn Nursery

Level 2 Newborn Nursery

Infant/Mother Co-Rooms

Labor Tubs (when available)

Birthing Center Visitation Guidelines

The birth of a baby is an important event for all members of a family. The visitation guidelines are developed to provide time for new parents to interact and bond with their newborn with as much privacy as they wish, to allow sufficient time for necessary nursing care, and to provide necessary access to the patient and newborn in an emergency. Please share these guidelines with family and friends who may wish to visit.

A visitor must know the patient’s name and room number in order to visit a patient in the Birthing Center. 

  • During labor, until the pushing stage, up to three people at a time may visit at any time, with the approval of the patient. If a patient desires privacy and limited visitation, her requests will be respected and enforced.
  • During the pushing and delivery stages, only one support person of the patient’s choice may remain in the room. Support people must be age 13 or older. Siblings may remain in the room with adult supervision. (The adult should be someone other than the patient’s primary support person.)
  • During the first hour after birth, only the father or significant other may visit. This is to allow time for new parents to take in and bond with their new baby. For the remainder of the recovery period, up to three support people may visit, as during labor and delivery.
  • Only one support person may be present in the operating room during a Cesarean Section. This is necessary to protect the sterile field and ensure that all necessary care providers will have room to work in an emergency.

Emergencies may arise at any time. For this reason, hallways must be kept clear to allow needed staff quick access to mothers and babies. Visitors may not wait in the hallway outside the patient’s room or the C-section room. They may wait in the waiting area near the elevators, or by the nursery windows. Staff members will be happy to convey information to visitors in the waiting area at the request of the patient.

  • During the period after recovery until discharge, family and friends may visit with the parent’s approval. Visitors must wash their hands thoroughly before touching the mother or baby.
  • Quiet Time: After delivery, the hours of 2-4 p.m. are designated as a rest time for new parents. No visitors are permitted unless specifically requested by the new mother.
  • Newborn babies do not have a fully developed immune system, and may become quite sick from routine infections. For this reason, visits from children under 13 who are not siblings are discouraged. Anyone who has a cold or other possibly contagious illness or who has recently been exposed to a contagious illness should not visit.

Visitors may be asked to step out of the room at any time if doctors and nurses need to provide care to the patient, or if a medical emergency arises.


Birthing Center Room

Birthing Room

Birthing Center Waiting Room

Waiting Room

The Sleep Center

The Sleep Center

Our Office

M-Th, 8am-4pm; Sat, 8am-12pm
Watauga Medical Center
336 Deerfield Road
Boone, NC 28607

Contact Us

Phone: (828) 266-1179
Fax: (828) 265-5484

Take the Test

Complete the Epworth Sleepiness Scale Questionnaire and contact us if you score a 9 or above on the sleepiness scale.

Appalcart Routes: Red, Pink, Express, Wellness District

As the most comprehensive sleep health program in the High Country, The Sleep Center of Watauga Medical Center is having a positive impact on people of all ages, through helping them identify the cause for their restless nights, and discover ways to improve their sleeping habits.

We have all been told that restful sleep is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. But how many of us know that lack of sleep has been linked to a number of chronic diseases and conditions? According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, most adults should get seven to nine hours of sleep each night to promote optimal health.

The Sleep Center is open seven days a week with highly trained staff working closely with the referring provider and with local neurologist, Jeffrey Crittenden, the Sleep Center’s medical director.

Physician Referral Forms
  • Insomnia
  • Narcolepsy
  • Nocturnal Seizures
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
  • Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD)
  • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)
  • Shift Work Sleep Disorder
  • Sleep Study
  • Sleepwalking
  • Snoring

Now, my sleep interruptions are basically nonexistent. I can tell a big difference. I am sleeping great at night and entering into a deep sleep like I’ve not had in years. It’s made a huge difference. I no longer doze off during the day, which is something I didn’t even realize I was doing. I not only feel better, but my mind is clearer. I’m able to think better than I did before.

Watauga Medical Center

Watauga Medical Center

Watauga Medical Center

COVID-19 Visitor Restrictions are in place. Learn more > 

Hospital Services

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Expansion Project

The future Schaefer Family Patient Care Tower

Patients & Visitors

Visitation, personal belongings, support & more


Main Hospital
Open 24 hours
336 Deerfield Road
Boone, NC 28607

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Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm
(828) 262-4100
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Outpatient Clinics

Cancer Center, Heart & Vascular Center, Imaging & Lab Center, Pain Management Center, Sleep Center, Wellness Center

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Quality care close to home!

Watauga Medical Center is a 117-bed regional referral medical complex, offering both primary and secondary acute and specialty care. Watauga Medical Center also includes many outpatient clinics and a diagnostics center.

  • Watauga Medical Center has certification by The Joint Commission as a Primary Stroke Center since 2011. The hospital was recognized by the American Heart Association’s Get with the Guidelines® program and awarded the Silver Plus and Target: Stroke Elite Honor Roll designations for 2019.
  • The Cancer Center is recognized as an approved Community Cancer Care Center by the American College of Surgeon’s Committee on Cancer.
  • Watauga Medical Center has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Chest Pain Certification since 2018.

Emergency Services

Emergency Entrance

If you are experiencing a true medical emergency, please call 911.

Our team of emergency-trained medical staff are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. provide emergency medical care for life-threatening illness and injuries. For non-life-threatening illness or injury during business hours, consider same-day appointments or walk-in care. 

When you arrive, you will complete your registration, then a triage nurse will ask you questions to determine the severity of your condition. Patients are treated as quickly as possible, with priority given to patients with the most severe injuries or illnesses.

Image: Watauga Medical Center Map

Appalcart Routes: Express, Red, Pink, Wellness District

Watauga Medical Center Expansion Sketch

Even though surgery is not fun, the staff at Watauga Medical Center have been amazing. Not only are they efficient and know what they are doing, they are kind and have the best “bedside manners.” We know that even when we go home, we have a support system that will help us when needed. We certainly will recommend this hospital to our friends and family!


via Google Reviews

I was admitted to Watauga Medical Center the evening of Christmas Eve, 2020, for Covid-related breathing difficulties. I am extremely grateful for the professional and personal attention I received over the next 5 days. The staff knew exactly what I needed, putting that protocol into place immediately. I quickly learned how well the nursing staff is trained to respond to the demands of Covid treatment, reassuring me and relieving my concerns. The nursing staff was upbeat and encouraging, getting me well enough to be discharged 5 days later. I’m beyond grateful for all the staff I encountered during my stay at WMC. Many thanks to all!


via Google Reviews

My husband and I cannot say enough about the positive experience we had at the Birthing Center during the recent delivery of our little girl. We received top-notch care from everyone we came into contact with. They were caring, kind and very dedicated. We could tell that everyone was there for their patients and went above and beyond to make sure we all received quality care.


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If you would like to speak to someone about our services, please let us know!

Appalachian Regional Pain Management Center

Appalachian Regional Pain Management Center

Our Office

Mon – Fri , 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
261 Longvue Drive
Boone, NC 28607

Contact Us

Phone: (828) 265-5493
Fax: (828) 266-1176

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Pain Center Building

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The Appalachian Regional Pain Management Center of Watauga Medical Center is dedicated to providing excellent clinical care, exceptional customer service and a patient centered approach which will help you to reach the best outcomes possible.

When pain interferes with your quality of life, we can help. We will create a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient. When appropriate, referrals will be made for clinical specialties such as physical rehabilitation and behavioral health. Throughout the entire treatment process, we will communicate your progress to the referring provider. As you near the end of your treatment plan, we will ensure that each patient has the information and instructions necessary to manage their condition.

We accept new patients by referral only from all healthcare providers.

Our staff is committed to helping you reach your goals and providing you with the best experience possible! We look forward to getting to know you.

Please note: Patients at Appalachian Regional Pain Management Center may receive one or two separate bills depending on which provider they see. 

Forms to complete before your appointment
Physician Referral Forms
Our Services

Appalachian Regional Pain Management Center offers the following services:

  • Diagnostic pain
  • Epidural steroid injections
  • Cervical interlaminar
  • Lumbar, both interlaminar and transforaminal as well as caudal
  • Thoracic
  • Lumbar, thoracic, and cervical medial branch or facet joint blocks
  • Occipital nerve injections
  • Pain medication management
  • Peripheral nerve blocks
  • Radiofrequency ablation of medial branches for facet joint pain
  • Sacroiliac injections
  • Spinal Cord Stimulator trials
  • Sympathetic chain blocks
  • Trigger point injections

Outpatient Imaging & Lab Center and Wilma Redmond Breast Center

Outpatient Imaging & Lab Center and Wilma Redmond Breast Center

Outpatient Imaging & Lab

Imaging and lab scheduling:
(828) 266-2492
Fax: (828) 266-2488

Wilma Redmond Breast Center

To schedule breast imaging:
(828) 268-9037
(828) 268-9484

Our Office

Mon – Fri, 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
1200 State Farm Road
Boone, NC 28607

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Appalachian Regional Healthcare System offers Imaging and Lab services at the Outpatient Imaging and Lab Center in Boone, Cannon Memorial Hospital in Linville and at Watauga Medical Center in Boone.

The latest in 3D Mammography technology and breast diagnostic services!

The Wilma Redmond Breast Center of Watauga Medical Center is located in the Outpatient Imaging and Lab Center at 1200 State Farm Road in Boone, NC. The Breast Center offers Hologic 3D Mammography for breast cancer screening. 3D mammography produces a three-dimensional view of the breast tissue that helps radiologists identify and characterize individual breast structures without the confusion of overlapping tissue.


Our Services

Bone Densitometry

Laboratory Collection

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy  (Physician referral required)

Hologic 3D Mammography

Breast Cancer Screening

Breast Diagnostic Services

Total Breast Ultrasound

Breast Navigation Team

Fast Track for Surgical Consultation

Then and Now: Breast cancer detection and treatment in the High Country [Infographic]

At Appalachian Regional Healthcare System (ARHS) patients have come to expect and appreciate the family-first team approach used to diagnose and treat breast cancer in the High Country. Thanks to advanced technology, a collaborative medical community, innovative surgical techniques, and a first-class regional cancer center located right here in our backyard, patients are choosing now more than ever to stay in our community for their cancer treatment.
Read More: Then and Now: Breast cancer detection and treatment in the High Country [Infographic]

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Hidden Scar® Breast Cancer Surgery

No visible reminder of your surgery, cancer or risk of cancer If surgery is recommended to remove breast cancer, patients can take comfort in the fact that Watauga Medical Center is one of only a few hospitals in North Carolina to offer Hidden Scar® Breast Cancer Surgery. Both Dr. Anne-Corinne…

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