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ARHS named among healthiest companies in America

ARHS named among healthiest companies in America

ARHS Healthiest Companies

Left to right: Amber Leigh Thompson, Registered Dietitian, Leslie Roberts Employee Wellness Manager, Dean Kiradjieff, Interactive Health Regional Market Leader, Aaron Fuller, Employee Wellness Specialist, Amy Crabbe, SVP of People Services

Appalachian Regional Healthcare System (ARHS) is proud to announce its recognition as one of the “Healthiest Companies in America” by Interactive Health, a national provider known for its preventive programs that encourage employees to adopt new health habits. ARHS is one of 184 companies across the country recognized this year for empowering employees to make significant and sometimes life-saving changes to improve their health. ARHS is proud to win this award in its inaugural year with Interactive Health.

The “Healthiest Companies in America” award means that ARHS has reached or exceeded an exemplary 70 percent participation rate for its employee wellness program, and the workforce’s overall health risk is low. Health risk is calculated for each participating employee based on the results of an annual evaluation that involves a blood draw, health screening and a detailed questionnaire.


ARHS Employee Wellness

The ARHS Employee Wellness program was established in 2005 and has implemented diverse programming to help employees and their spouses improve or maintain their health. These programs include weight loss assistance, tobacco cessation, wellness challenges and its award-winning Love Your Life worksite rewards program. In 2014, Love Your Life received the Healthcare Consumerism Superstar Award for Population Health Management.

Leslie Roberts, ARHS Employee Wellness Manager, said “What drives me in my job is simply to help people feel their best. I love the moments when our program participants make the connection that small changes in daily behaviors can bring big health improvements. The most amazing part? Our Love Your Life wellness program has literally saved lives. Our screening results have led healthcare providers to identify diabetes, hypertension, severe cardiac blockages, and even cancers. I am truly honored to have the opportunity to do my job every day.”

The Love Your Life program provides free lab work and screening to its program participants. In addition to screening results, participants are eligible for health coaching, including condition specific outreach. In 2017 Love Your Life transitioned to an outcomes-based program in its inaugural year with Interactive Health. Participants were asked to meet a health goal based on key indicators for future disease. As a result,

  • 94% of Love Your Life participants achieved their Health Goal or fulfilled an Alternative Standard through their healthcare provider
  • In 2017, 74.5% of ARHS’s employees were designated as low-risk – a 2.8% increase over 2016.


About Love Your Life Employee Wellness Program:

Love Your Life is an outcomes-based health incentive program that promotes healthy living through behavioral, educational, and risk-reduction activities. All Appalachian Regional Healthcare System employees and their spouses are welcome to join Love Your Life.

To learn more about ARHS Corporate Wellness Services and how we can help your company improve its health, visit

Worksite Wellness Programs

Worksite Wellness Programs

Contact Leslie Roberts at or (828) 268-9447 to learn how ARHS can help your company improve its overall health. For information about Employee Assistance counseling programs, call Lisa Shelton at (828) 268-9049.

Wellness Coach Employee Assistance Counseling

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help your employees understand and cope with those difficult family, legal, stress or drug and alcohol problems. EAP counselors are trained and experienced. Ongoing problems often begin to impair work performance. Employees may be unable to concentrate, make more mistakes, or have trouble getting to work on time. EAP counselors are trained and experienced. The counselors all have attained Masters Degrees in Human Service fields along with licensure and/or certifications in appropriate areas of counseling. Call Lisa Shelton at (828) 268-9049 to see how we can help your employees.



Health Screenings

Employers interested in understanding risks based on key indicators for diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension and high cholesterol, can partner with ARHS Employee Wellness to provide outcomes reporting from annual or bi-annual health screens. During the biometric health screening, employees receive a resting blood pressure assessment, height and weight measurement, waist circumference, body composition (body fat percentage) measurement, Body Mass Index assessment, and a comprehensive lab panel. Individuals receive informational brochures and a results summary of their measurements. Employers (depending on size) receive summary of the distribution of results across the organization. Health Screening reporting is recommended for organizations who have worksite wellness programs in existence or who are thinking of implementing programming.


Quit Smoking Tobacco Cessation

Many employers are recognizing the importance of creating tobacco control policies not only for the health and safety of its patrons or visitors but also their employees. In addition to providing support and consultation for tobacco policies, ARHS can manage your tobacco cessation program for your employees. Program includes behavioral based coaching support and NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) if interested. Our staff is trained in American Cancer Society’s Fresh Start program and hold Bachelors in Health Promotion.


Show Me the Weigh Weight Management Solutions

Show Me the Weigh is an American Heart Association recognized Worksite Innovation program. This 12 week, multi-disciplinary program focuses on lifestyle changes for successful weight management. Program participants receive group support in 8, weekly classes with topics focusing on nutrition, fitness, and environmental support strategies for successful weight loss. Individualized support is provided for 12 weeks with one on one health coaching with certified health education specialist and registered dietitians and activity tracker use and goal setting.


Wellness Challenges

Wellness Challenges are short-term interventions which focus on a variety of wellness themes such as physical activity, nutrition, or weight loss. Typically 1-3 months in length, our team will engage your employees into individual or team-based challenges for a little fun and friendly competition. With 10-years of Wellness Challenge experience, we have a vast selection to choose from such as 1,000,000 Minutes of Exercise, 31 Veggies in 31 Days, Fitness That Works, and much more.


office_worker Worksite Wellness Consultation

Let our award-winning program manager help you establish your own worksite wellness program or strategize your program’s next steps. Since its inception in 2005, the ARHS Employee Wellness program has been recognized for its best practices and achievements. Local awards include the Be-Active Appalachian Partnership’s Active at Work Award (2007) and National awards includes Best Population Health Management program (National Institute of Healthcare Consumerism Superstar award, 2014), WellSteps Coordinator of the Year (2014), and Interactive Health Healthiest Companies Award (2017).

With 20 years of experience ranging in diverse fields as Personal Training, direction of the state of WV Tobacco Cessation services, and managing ARHS’s worksite wellness programming, ARHS’s Worksite Wellness program manager will partner with you to infuse the same passion and dedication in your programs.