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Need Help Caring for a Wound?

Need Help Caring for a Wound?

By June Smith and Kathryn Hackenholt-Wrenn

Lions and tigers and wounds, OH MY! You have been doing your best to care for an open wound at home. You’ve done everything you can think of, but the wound doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Having a wound can be a very scary time in anyone’s life, but with help from a team of healthcare professionals, the process can be made much easier. At the Watauga Surgical Group, we believe caring for a wound is something no one should have to do alone.

When visiting our Wound Care Center, you will be treated by our team of caring healthcare professionals consisting of Medical Assistants and Registered Nurses, all specializing in wound care to cleanse, photograph, and dress your wounds. Whether you need immediate attention or are simply searching for educational material, our Wound Care Center offers a wide array of services for all patients, including those with a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy. After assessing and evaluating all treatment options, we make it our goal to provide patients with the best evidence-based care for any wound.

Don’t let a wound disrupt your life. Visit the Wound Care Center today. Our team is here and eager to give you the best care in the High Country.


Keep in mind:

  • In order to heal properly, wounds need blood supply, nutrition, and the optimal wound environment. Maintaining the optimal wound care environment means keeping a wound clean, covered, and moist.
  • A patient may undergo certain testing in order to check blood supply to the wound.
  • Offloading with casts or orthotics may be needed to decrease pressure to the wound bed.
  • In order to give a wound the proper nutrition needed for closure, a patient may require skin grafts.

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Questions frequently asked about wound care

Questions frequently asked about wound care

How long does each visit take?

First evaluation takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on the type of wound or ostomy care. The subsequent visits usually will take 30 minutes to an hour.

Why is a special center for treating wounds beneficial? 

It requires specialized knowledge to ensure optimal healing and better outcomes.

How many and how frequent are visits to the Wound Care Center?

This varies depending on the type of the wound and your overall health.

Do most health insurance plans cover medical expenses?

Most do. We will be happy to get authorization for treatment prior to the visit.

How can I become a patient of the Wound Care Center?

Your primary care physician can make a referral or you can call the Wound Care Center at (828) 262-9520 and we can assist you with obtaining the physician referral.

What are the causes of chronic wounds?

Several things can lead to chronic wounds, such as: poor circulation, diabetes, infection, trauma, pressure to the skin, immobility and post surgical complications.

How do I know if I have a non-healing wound?

If you have had your wound for over a month and it has not changed in size, then you should consider getting a referral from your physician to the Wound Care Center.