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appalachian_health Appalachian Regional Healthcare System is dedicated to serving our patients regardless of ability to pay. The Patient Emergency Fund and Cancer Patient Emergency Fund cares for our patients’ and their families through providing funds for medication, transportation, housing, and other critical needs when they are receiving treatment from ARHS. To help support those receiving care here in our community, please consider contributing to these funds. Your gift makes a difference.



Patient Emergency Fund

The Patient Emergency Fund made available at Appalachian Regional Healthcare System allows the system to truly meet the needs of our patient population. Medication provision for those without insurance, coverage of electricity and kerosene or propane for those who are so ill they cannot return home without support, and grocery cards to allow individuals to have healthy meals available are just a few of the ways this fund is utilized on a regular basis to meet the needs of our residents in a medical crisis.


Cancer Patient Emergency Fund

The Cancer Patient Emergency Fund provides financial assistance to Seby B. Jones Regional Cancer Center patients for items such as gasoline for transportation to treatments, utility bills, medications and grocery expenses. Originally started and maintained by The Park Foundation, the fund has donated thousands of dollars since its inception in 2007.

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