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As a patient of Appalachian Regional Healthcare System, we want to set you up for ongoing health success! We want to do everything we can to prevent you from being readmitted once you’re discharged. While you’re in the hospital, your Care Management Team will advocate for you and help plan for discharge.

After discharge, the Health Navigation Team will follow up with you throughout your recovery journey for at least 30 days. We have highly trained registered nurses, respiratory therapists and certified medical assistants, who work with your healthcare team to establish health goals and assist you in creating a plan to meet those goals. Let our team work with you to overcome any barriers to becoming a healthier you.


For Appalachian Regional Medical Associates (ARMA) patients

If you are a patient of one of the following ARMA practices

  • Appalachian Regional Internal Medicine Specialists
  • Baker Center for Primary Care
  • Davant Medical Clinic
  • Elk River Medical Associates

and are being discharged from Watauga Medical Center or Cannon Memorial Hospital, you may receive a call from the Health Navigation Team to assist you in getting follow up care with your primary care provider.

Our nurses, respiratory therapist and certified medical assistants will do the following:

  • Schedule a follow up visit with their primary care provider within 7-14 days of discharge
  • Make sure you were able to fill all their discharge prescriptions
  • Ensure you are accurately taking the right medication and make sure your primary care provider knows of any changes made during the admission visit
  • Stay in contact with you for at least 30 days to answer questions, ensure you’re not developing any symptoms that need to be treated and that your needs are being met at home. If there is any change in your condition, we will get you in to see your PCP immediately.


For patients with chronic diseases

The nurses and respiratory therapists will work with patients that have chronic disease (such as diabetes, heart failure, hypertension, etc) to help you better manage the disease.  They work with you and your primary care provider to overcome obstacles that might have an impact on a successful outcome.

Educational Video Library

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The video library below is one of many resources at ARHS to help you learn about your health condition(s) and make living with them more manageable.

Visit online video library 

Billing & Insurance

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Our Patient Accounts Department is here to help if you have questions about billing and/or insurance.  Call(828) 262-4111 or contact us online. Keep in mind that you may receive bills from other providers (ie: radiology, pathology, etc) related to your hospital stay.