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We know that healthcare billing and insurance can be complicated and hard to understand. We are here to help you every step of the way.  As a courtesy to you, ARHS will bill all your insurance providers, as long as you give us all the necessary information.


Your Responsibility

You are responsible for any portion of your charges remaining unpaid by your insurance company, this includes non-covered services, co-insurance, co payments and deductibles. If your insurance does not pay within 90 days, you will be billed for the full balance. If you feel that your insurance company should have paid your bill, you should contact your insurance company or our customer service center at (828)262-4111.

  • Before getting care from ARHS, you should find out if your carrier is in- or out-of-network with us and if they have any exclusions, benefits, co-insurance, co-payment and deductibles outlined in your plan.
  • According to our policy, you may have to pay the full patient responsibility or a deposit representing an estimate of 30% of patient responsibility before leaving the hospital or practice or upon scheduling of services.

You may also be responsible for services rendered by other providers. These may include physicians, anesthesiologists, radiologists and pathologists. We will share your billing information with those providers so that they can file with your insurance company directly.


How we can help

We have many ways to help you pay your bill. If you have no insurance, you qualify for a 25% – 100% discount based on household income. You can also set up a 0% interest payment plan, apply for a healthcare credit card, or apply for financial assistance.

Learn more about all the ways we can help you pay >


Common Insurance Situations

I recently lost my insurance (COBRA benefits)

If you were recently covered by insurance under a group health plan, you may be eligible to pick up those benefits to assist you with your medical bills. Our Patient Financial Advocates can assist you in determining if you might qualify for COBRA benefits.

I have Workers' Compensation

If services you are requesting are the result of a work related injury, ARHS will bill your employer or your employer’s liability carrier. 

I have an HMO managed care plan

If you are covered by an HMO managed care plan, your insurance may restrict where you receive care. If you have services outside of your network, you will be responsible for your charges. Check with your insurance company to ensure your provider is in network.

I am on Medicare

Medicare requires that all tests have supporting diagnosis to demonstrate the test is medically necessary. If your physician orders a procedure or service that does not support medical necessity, you will be asked to sign an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN).

The ABN informs you in advance that Medicare is not likely to pay for the procedure or service, and that you will be responsible for payment. By signing the ABN, you are indicating that you understand and are willing to continue with the procedure.

You will then receive a bill for payment of the service provided. You have the option of agreeing to be financially responsible for the procedure by signing the ABN or refusing the tests or services. If you refuse the test or service, you will be asked to sign a form indicating that you have elected not to have the service. If you request the service and will not sign the ABN, you will still be responsible for payment.

My account is past due

Federal and State laws require all hospitals to seek full payment. If your account becomes past due, ARHS will take appropriate action to recover the amount due. We do have many ways to help you pay your bill on time. Click here to see all the ways we can help you >

If there is a problem with your account, contact the Customer Service Center at (828) 262-4111 to discuss a workable solution. If you do not pay your bill or contact us for financial assistance, ARHS may refer your account to a collection agency. 

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