Streamlined Diagnosis and Treatment Processes

The Breast Center of ARHS houses all of the breast diagnostic services under one roof, resulting in quicker diagnosis and treatment processes. The Hologic 3D Mammography technology accounts for a 41 percent increase in the detection of invasive breast cancers and a 29 percent increase in the detection of all types of breast cancer. The 3D Mammography technology also results in fewer false positives and the capability to detect smaller malignancies that might otherwise be missed.

Breast Center Mammography Infographic

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3D Mammography

The Breast Center of ARHS began providing 3D Mammograms to all patients in August 2015.

What is 3D Mammography?

With a traditional mammogram, radiologists were tasked with reading the complexities of the breast in a flat image. 3D Mammography builds images into thin, 1 ml layers or slices making details more clear and unobstructed by overlapping tissue.

What are the benefits?

Because 3D Mammography allows the radiologist to better assess the size, location and shape of any abnormal tissue, more cancers are found at earlier, more treatable stages. It also reduces the chance of a false positive resulting in further imaging.

Will my insurance cover this?

Although 3D Mammography is FDA approved, most insurance companies are not yet reimbursing for this exam. In order to provide the High Country with the most convenient, affordable and innovative breast health options, Appalachian Regional Healthcare System will not ask patients to pay out of pocket for any additional cost not covered by their insurance.