Metabolic Testing

Gain insight into your personal metabolism... what are your caloric needs? How does your body personally burn fat?  By participating in a metabolic test, you will know from a scientific perspective what your body requires to operate at its best.

Are you committed to losing weight, then managing it in a healthy range?  Maybe you just don't feel up to your physical best and want to improve your energy level.  Or, you might be ready to move to the next level of athletic performance.  If any of these sound like you, try metabolic testing at the Wellness Center.

Weight Management:
Managing your weight can be a difficult thing to do but it doesn't have to be. New Leaf's Active Metabolic Training™ Program at the Wellness Center can provide fitness feedback that is easy to understand.  A combination of two simple physical evaluations will reveal the tools to help you achieve your goals, keep it all in perspective and help you stay focused on attaining a healthy weight. Get your metabolic test today!

You want to make the most of your workout time, whether you are a regular to the gym or workout at home.  Your time matters, but so do results. After too many workouts to count, you may be bored with your normal routine. Wondering if you can run a 5K? Ready for a new workout routine?  

Whatever your fitness ambition, New Leaf's Active Metabolic Training™ Program at the Wellness Center can help you get the maximum benefit for your time and effort. Get your metabolic test today!

Athletic Performance:
Whether you're an endurance athlete or part of a team striving for the next level of perfection, the inside information about your metabolism could be the key.  Olympians and other top-level athletes have access to human performance labs, where cutting-edge science and top trainers and coaches work to help them wring every bit of excellence from their bodies and minds. New Leaf's Active Metabolic Training™ Program at the Wellness Center is your performance lab. Get your metabolic test today!

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CrossFit Boone

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