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Photo: Watauga Medical Center Appalachian Regional Healthcare System would like to thank the following people and agencies for their help in restoring the air conditioning systems at Watauga Medical Center during the week of July 8. Through their heroic efforts we were able to resume normal operations within one day. We are so grateful for your expedient and thorough response!

Additionally, we are appreciative for the patients, visitors and family members who were so patient and understanding throughout the process.

Lastly, we are incredibly grateful to our employees, staff, clinicians and medical providers who stepped forward in a time of crisis to ensure the comfort and safety of patients.


Thank you!

  • Avery County Emergency Management
  • Caldwell County Emergency Management
  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Emergency Management
  • Davie County Emergency Management
  • North Carolina Emergency Management
  • Watauga County Emergency Management
  • Blowing Rock Police Department
  • Boone Fire Department
  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Fire Department
  • Triad State Medical Assistance Team (SMAT)
  • Wake Forest Baptist Health
  • Samaritan’s Purse
  • Hoffman & Hoffman
  • HTI Technology
  • Humphrey Masonry Supply
  • MSS Solutions
  • Patients, Visitors and Family Members
  • ARHS Healthcare Professionals

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