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April 26, 2018

Appalachian Regional Healthcare System (ARHS) has recently opened a new 10-bed orthopedic wing on the third floor of Watauga Medical Center. With this development, patients have more options for staying close to home for surgical procedures and recovery.


Opening day

April 16th was opening day for the new wing and already the results have been fantastic. Jim Nichols, who had surgery for a knee replacement with Dr. Anderson, said, “Best experience I’ve had at any hospital. Nurses are excellent, beautiful space and scenery. You couldn’t ask for better.”

As residents of Wilkes County, Nichols’ wife Jane was worried to leave her husband alone and opted to stay in the hospital overnight with him. Jane said she “felt that he was going to do well with surgery but slept in the room last night just to make sure.” After staying and observing the structure of the orthopedic floor and the amount of care Jim was receiving, Jane said, “I would feel comfortable leaving him alone if he had to have another knee replacement. The level of care was very good.”


Intentions for the wing

“The decision to add the new orthopedic wing was made to streamline our approach to patient-centered care,” said Eddy Maillot, Senior Director of Clinical Services at ARHS. With features such as an overhead patient assist bar on all of the beds, patient communication boards that include pain level updates and family member interactivity, and a dedicated team of specially-trained staff, the orthopedic wing is committed to excellence.

From the initial visit at AppOrtho, to surgery, recovery and rehab, every step in the process is built to be efficient, patient focused and readily available right here in the High Country.

Same day appointments are available at AppOrtho Monday through Friday with no referral required. To schedule an appointment at AppOrtho call (828) 386-2663 or request an appointment online.

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