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How We Collect Information About You
We collect information about you in the following ways: You may submit Voluntary Information.
There may be certain areas in this Website where you can voluntarily submit information, including personal information such as information that could be used to identify or contact you or information about your medical condition ("Personal Information"), to ARHS. If you choose to voluntarily submit information, including Personal Information, to ARHS through this Website, you understand that such information will be transmitted over the Internet. While ARHS has taken reasonable steps to protect any information that you may submit from unauthorized interception and use, the risk of unauthorized interception and use of electronically transmitted information cannot be entirely eliminated. Therefore, there is always a risk of unauthorized interception and use of any information that you submit to ARHS through this Website. If you voluntarily access and use this Website, ARHS will not be responsible for any unauthorized interception and use of your information, and you understand and agree that ARHS shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages arising from your use of this Website.

We may store your Internet Protocol Address.

We may store the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer when you visit our Website. This information is only used in the aggregate to create broad demographic summaries of website users. For example, the information can be used to let us know what percentage of users come from North or South America. However, our use of the IP addresses does not identify the actual users of this Website. We may use Cookies.

We may also collect information about you and your use of our Website through the use of "Cookies". Cookies are small computer files located on your computer's hard drive that allow us to know how often you visit our Website and the activities you conduct while on our Website. This information may help us dynamically generate content on our web pages that is specifically designed for you and also allows us to statistically monitor how many people are using our Website and for what purpose. Third parties may also use Cookies when you select their content or service, and we cannot control their use of Cookies or how they use the information they gather.