Postnatal Exercise Class

After the baby is born, moms should still make time to exercise.  The Wellness Center realizes that this can be difficult due to time constraints, child care and other children.  Let the Wellness Center help take away the constraints that prevent you from exercising.

Postnatal Exercise Class
Tuesdays/Thursdays from 4:30-5:30
Broyhill Wellness Center on Boone Heights Drive, Boone

The class is free, but participants must bring a referral from their physician. Moms can bring their newborns and exercise with an instructor in a group setting.  The group setting offers support for new moms, allows moms to bounce ideas and questions off of each other and meet other moms in the same situation.

If you have children between the age of 6 months-10 years, you can take advantage of the Wellness Center Child Care and sign them up for a minimal cost.  If you are a member of the Wellness Center, Child Care is free.

Moms, take time to get out of the house and away from other distractions and give yourself 1 hour a day, 2 days a week to exercise!

The Wellness Center also offers stroller hours daily from 1p-3pm and Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday from 9am-3pm, so you can still bring your baby, your stroller and take time to walk on our indoor track on days that you don't have your postnatal exercise class.

CrossFit Boone

CrossFit Boone

The Wellness Center is home to CrossFit Boone!

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