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anterior_hip_surgery_golf Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a direct correlation between a person’s age and the amount of time they spend talking about their health? Think about those who are a bit more beautifully seasoned in life, outside of the weather and their grandkids, health related concerns often prove to be a hot topic of conversation at the dinner table.

At AppOrtho, we believe that age is just a number and that all of our patients should have something more to look forward to in life than their next doctor’s appointment. That’s why we are proud to offer anterior hip replacement surgery right here in the High Country. Unlike limited hip replacement options of the past, the anterior approach is less invasive and typically results in a faster recovery time for patients.


Are you ready for a hip replacement?


If you are suffering from hip or groin pain, soreness or stiffness after exercise or an inability to walk short distances, then you may have osteoarthritis of the hip. This wear-and-tear type of arthritis is common in older adults and is caused by inflammation of the joint. Although there is no cure for osteoarthritis, many treatment options exist to help relieve pain and improve quality of life.

At AppOrtho, all non-operative treatment options are considered before recommending surgery. In many cases, a combination of physical therapy, medication, injections and simple life-style changes can result in reduced pain and improved functionality for the patient. However, if symptoms persist, hip replacement surgery is available at Watauga Medical Center.


Taking a different approach


Think of the hip as a ball-and-socket joint. A healthy layer of cartilage in the joint allows the ball to move freely within the socket. However, when osteoarthritis causes that cartilage to wear out, hip movement can become restricted and painful for the patient.

Hip replacement surgery can address this issue by removing the damaged ball-and-socket joint and then replacing it with a new artificial implant. Although the procedure itself is pretty straight forward, a decision must be made on the front end to determine which approach the surgeon will use to access the hip joint.

Traditional hip replacement surgery calls for a posterior or back-of-the-joint approach. Using this technique, the surgeon must cut through several muscles in order to reach and replace the hip. These muscles are then repaired at the end of the procedure. Although outcomes are typically good with this approach, recovery time can vary due to the invasive nature of the procedure.

Anterior hip replacement surgery has recently become popular among patients due to its less invasive front-of-the-hip approach. In most cases, surgeons using this technique are able to access the hip joint without having to cut through any muscles. Not every patient is a candidate for this approach, but those who are often enjoy less discomfort after surgery and a faster return to normal activities.


Don’t leave the mountain for hip surgery


Steven Anderson, MDDr. Steven Anderson, an orthopedic surgeon at AppOrtho, is the only orthopedist in the High Country who performs anterior hip replacement surgery at Watauga Medical Center. With more than 15 years of experience, Dr. Anderson specializes in primary and revision (redo) hip, knee and shoulder reconstruction.

“At AppOrtho, we are pleased to offer advanced hip replacement surgery right here in the High Country,” said Dr. Anderson. “Our goal is to help our patients feel like people again. We do that by helping them get back to the things they enjoy doing.”

To learn more about hip surgery at AppOrtho, call (828) 386-2663 or request an appointment here. No referral is required.

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