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Welcome visitors

Are you planning a visit to see a friend or family member undergoing treatment at one of our facilities? Before scheduling your trip, review visitor guidelines and other information.

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General Visitor Guidelines

The guidelines here are for general hospital visitors. Click here for John R. Marchese Birthing Center visitor guidelines.

We encourage visitors for emotional support and recovery. To provide a restful and safe environment, we ask that all visitors comply with the following guidelines:

  • Be considerate of other patients by keeping noise to a minimum.
  • Refrain from visiting if you have a cold, sore throat or any contagious disease.
  • Observe “No Visiting” and precaution signs before entering the room.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Leave the room during tests or treatments if asked.


Visiting Hours

General visiting hours are from 8:30 am – 8:30 pm. Each area of the hospital has its own visiting times, which are posted in the waiting areas of those units and made available to families. Nighttime visits can be arranged by contacting the nursing staff.

For the safety and security of our patients and staff, we limit access to and within our facilities from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am. At night and on weekends, the facilities are only accessible through the Emergency Department entrance. Any visitor wishing to go past the Emergency Department waiting area must sign in at the Emergency Department Front Desk and wear a visitor pass that will be issued to them when they sign in.


Waiting Areas

Waiting areas are available throughout each facility. Ask a staff member for the area closest to your location.


Patient and Visitor Guide

More information

Safety and Security

The Appalachian Regional Healthcare System Police Department is committed to the safety and security of the patients, visitors, staff, and the public that utilize all the facilities that make up Appalachian Regional Healthcare System. Read More: Safety and Security

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