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Our comprehensive program features an array of services including The Heart & Vascular Center, a state-of-the-art interventional and cardiac catheterization lab, cardiac diagnostic testing, and cardiac rehabilitation programs.

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Music Therapy students offer salve for the soul

Musicians have known for a long, long time what Plato once said – “music is medicine for the soul.” Whether you are a musician or not, most people agree that the right music makes everything better. That’s probably why neuroscientists have studied music’s effects on the brain and discovered…

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Fullers make generous donation of land to benefit expansion project

While wandering through the library at Middle Tennessee State University in 1967, a young Charles “Chick” Fuller couldn’t help but notice the attractive co-ed up on the ladder replacing books on the shelves. He confidently sauntered up and asked her if she could tell him where to find a book on…

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