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Volunteers are valued members of the ARHS patient care team and are always welcome at Cannon Memorial Hospital, Watauga Medical Center and several administrative offices within the healthcare system. A variety of work areas are available, as well as flexible schedules.

Volunteer Requirements

All volunteers must meet the following criteria before they are able to serve:

Areas of Service

  • Information Desk
  • Gift Shop
  • Pharmacy
  • Cancer Center
  • Nutrition Services
  • Intensive Care
  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Outpatient Services
  • Pain Clinic
  • Admissions
  • Lab
  • Radiology
  • Human Resources
  • Other opportunities as arise

Spiritual Care Volunteers

ARHS is seeking lay or clergy volunteers from congregations across Avery County who would like to provide basic spiritual support to patients at Cannon Hospital. Volunteers will be supported and trained by professional chaplains at ARHS.

We have two needs:

Daily volunteers are needed at Cannon’s medical/surgical unit to offer basic spiritual care to patients who request it. Each volunteer would sign up for one day a week, or share a day of the week with another volunteer. Care would be respectful of the patient’s/family’s beliefs and evangelizing will not be part of this program.

Volunteers are also needed to lead worship on a rotating basis in the new expanded Behavioral Health Unit at Cannon Hospital. Sunday afternoon services will be brief and will focus on support and encouragement rather than evangelism. For more information, contact Melanie Childers at (828) 266-1178 or

Watauga Medical Center & Cannon Memorial Hospital
Erin Tyler
Program Manager Volunteer Services & Career Pathways
Dan Greenfield, Volunteer
Bev Severinghaus, Volunteer
Watauga Medical Center

Watauga Medical Center

Join our caring and dedicated group of volunteers who provide quality support to our Medical Center personnel. The program has numerous volunteer opportunities for ASU students, seasonal, year round volunteers and junior volunteers in the summer.

Cannon Memorial Hospital

The program is open to year-round, seasonal and junior volunteers. Volunteers meet each month to plan events, coordinate fundraising activities and review hospital patient needs.

Junior Volunteers at Watauga Medical Center


Junior volunteers are welcome to volunteer at Watauga Medical Center. Junior volunteers must meet the following requirements:

  • Junior volunteers are between the ages of 15 – 17
  • Applications and permission forms must be completed and submitted to Annette Eggers by May 15th
  • All junior volunteers are required to attend orientation
  • Junior volunteers must make a commitment to serve at least five weeks of summer break
  • Junior volunteers will be assigned one four hour shift per week


PAWS Pet Therapy Program


Knox - PAWS therapy ARHS is also home to the PAWS Pet Therapy Program. If you and your certified pet therapy dog are interested in volunteering at one of our facilities, please call (828) 262-4408.

Learn more about our PAWS Pet Therapy Program.

Volunteer Infographic

Roger’s Reason: Finding purpose in volunteering

From the very beginning, Roger Mashke has always had a knack for interacting with and helping people. Whether it was running a successful television business or working as a volunteer firefighter, leaving a positive impact on another individual has always been his main source of motivation. That’s why when given the opportunity to volunteer for Charles A. Cannon Jr. Memorial Hospital, he knew it was what he wanted to do. Four years later, Mashke is still one of the most dedicated volunteers we have at Cannon Memorial Hospital and Appalachian Regional Healthcare System (ARHS) as a whole.  Read More: Roger’s Reason: Finding purpose in volunteering

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