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Dr. Parker Interview

As you look through our AppOrtho blog, you’ll soon recognize that most of our posts are video blog posts. It is important to our team that we share information with you about our practice: our patients, our team members, our physicians, our lives in the High Country, and the why behind everything we do. Of course, the challenge is that our team members at AppOrtho are extremely busy and they generally don’t have time to write blog posts or articles. So, we came up with a system where we record our team members and physicians on video every so often and that gives them the opportunity to share what’s important to them about sports medicine and orthopedics.

Each team member spends about 45 minutes with us recording the videos and addressing key topics, and then we edit them and post them on the blog where they can be viewed by anyone who is interested. Want to know about robotic-assisted surgery? We’ve recorded a video blog about that. Want to know about new technologies that are emerging in orthopedics? We’ve got it covered in a video recorded by Dr. Ben Parker. And did you know we’ve opened a new clinic on the App State campus? We’ve got a blog post about that as well!

We invite you to visit our blog regularly and check out what’s new. Through the blog, you’ll definitely have a chance to meet our providers – PAs, nurse practitioners, primary care orthopedic docs, sports medicine physicians, and orthopedic surgeons. We believe that the care we provide at AppOrtho is second to none. And we are excited to share with you the many qualities and attributes that lead to the delivery of high quality orthopedic care. You’ll also hear directly from our patients who will share their stories through video. We understand that there’s nothing better than hearing directly from those whose lives we helped to transform.

Enjoy the blog and please share it with your friends and neighbors.

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