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Watauga Medical Center is licensed as a 117-bed regional referral medical complex, offering both primary and secondary acute and specialty care. In 2018, 624 babies were delivered at Watauga Medical Center, and we received about 29,300 emergency room visits.


  • Watauga Medical Center received certification by The Joint Commission as a Primary Stroke Center in 2011.
  • The Cancer Center is recognized as an approved Community Cancer Care Center by the American College of Surgeon’s Committee on Cancer.
  • Watauga Medical Center earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Chest Pain Certification in 2018.
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I had to bring my 4-week-old son in this morning for some scans in radiology. He had to fast for four hours beforehand so I was pacing the halls to soothe him. Three employees asked if I needed help and a fourth asked if she could get me anything. All of that within 15 minutes of walking. Then radiology got us back almost 30 minutes early. And everyone from check-in to these scans has been so warm, friendly, and professional. We’re still here, but they’ve made me feel at ease and that they personally care.

Katie Y.

We went today with my husband in a lot of pain. He had a pilonidal cyst. Dr. Felix was amazing and went out of his way to give us the best care. He could have sent us on our way with antibiotics but instead he came back and did an ultrasound and decided to lance the cyst out. And come to find out antibiotics wouldn’t have helped it was so bad. So if Dr. Felix wouldn’t have had a second thought and act on it, my husband would still be hurting.

Andrea A.

I’ve been here in the birthing center for 2 days now (I’m 38 weeks pregnant) with a strong infection, and I’ve never had a better experience in a hospital. Dr. Andrews is the best doctor there is, and every staff member down to the cafeteria staff is absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t ask for a better experience and I will be glad to have my child here.

Michelle M.